Home Equity Line of Credit


A Home City Federal Savings Bank Home Equity Line of Credit will allow you to enjoy the flexibity to borrow money whenever you may need it.  Since this loan is secured by the equity in your home, it offers you the benefit of lower interest rates and the possibility of tax savings (consult your tax advisor for deductibilty of interest).  A Home Equity Line of Credit loan is a good way to pay for things such as home improvements, tuition, or bill consolidation.

It is easy to access your home equity funds whenever you need money.  Simply write one of your credit line checks or call us at (937) 390-0470 Monday through Friday during normal business hours to transfer funds into your Home City Federal checking account. 

For more information on a Home City Federal Home Equity Line of Credit, please contact Pete Duffey at (937) 390-1213 or Cheryl Hesson at (937) 521-4500.


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